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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our frequently asked questions page! 

If you cannot find the answer you are looking for please ask our friendly staff here.

 Can I try the shorts on first?

Yes! If you live in Melbourne, our founder keeps some shorts on hand so that locals can try them on. You can organise this through our contact us page here and the location will be in Brighton, Victoria, Australia.

I'm only 6 weeks pregnant, will the emama shorts fit me?

Yes. The emama shorts would fit you even if you were not pregnant. In fact they are often used as support for women in the weeks post pregnancy.

Will i be able to wear the emama shorts post pregnancy?

Yes, in fact it is encouraged to help post delivery recovery as your body moves back into shape.

Will the emama shorts help me with my sore back?

It depends on why your back is sore, you should most definitely consult with your doctor and/or physiotherapist to help get the right treatment. They may recommend that you purchase supportive, compression wear that is high waisted. This is where the emama shorts can help! emama shorts are also excellent at helping to prevent sore backs and pelvic pain.

Will my pants be see through during a workout?

No, the material is a specially engineered, high density fabric that can stretch any way and not be see through.

Will I need to buy a size up in my third trimester?

Our bodies change a tremendous amount in pregnancy and it can be a bit scary. However, you will not need to buy another set of shorts for your 3rd trimester if you have an average pregnancy.